Tips to Help Parents Prevent Bullying

Parents and guardians are among a school's best allies in bullying prevention:

  • Talk with and Listen to Your Children Everyday Ask questions about their school day, including experiences on the way to and from school, lunch, and recess. Ask about their peers. Children who feel comfortable talking to their parents about these matters before they are involved in bullying are more likely to get them involved after.
  • Spend time at School and Recess Schools can lack the resources to provide all students individualized attention during "free" time like recess. Volunteer to coordinate games and activities that encourage children to interact with peers aside from their best friends.
  • Be a Good Example When you get angry at waiters, other drivers or others, model effective communication techniques. As puts it, "Any time you speak to another person in a mean or abusive way, you're teaching your child that bullying is ok."
  • Create Healthy Anti-Bullying Habits Starting as young as possible, coach your children on both what not to do (push, tease, and be mean to others) as well as what to do (be kind, empathize, and take turns). Also coach your child on what to do if someone is mean to him or to another (get an adult, tell the bully to stop, walk away and ignore the bully).
  • Make Sure Your Child Understands Bullying Explicitly explain what it is and that it's not normal or tolerable for them to bully, be bullied, or stand by and watch other kids be bullied.
  • Do not back down if you are a parent and you have proof that it is happening and your child is showing major symptoms ,Go through proper channels and seek independent advice because as we all know bullying does have tragic outcomes.
  • Become in involved in proactive anti-bullying campaigns in your school and wider community [seek support from like minded organisations such as Angelshope].



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